Super Saturday

100_9811 Well fall has hit with a vengeance today.  Cold, wet and windy… and of course we decided to spend the day outside.

We got up early this morning and headed west to the Bear Creek Nature center for their Scout day.  We attended the Webelos Forester session and it was actually a good time and we learned a lot about forestry.  We spent a little over an hour out on the trail, and although it was cool and it sprinkled a bit it wasn’t too bad.

After walking the trail we worked up a bit of an appetite so back east to Downtown Co Springs to enjoy a lunch at Il Vicino.  This was our first visit to this restaurant and found the service fast and polite… and the pizza tasty.

It was then off to Palmer High School for a little flag football.

Map image

It was terribly cold by this point, but it didn’t seem to phase the kids much.  They played one heck of a game.