Red Robin

IMG_20191010_180852Well this blog has been pretty dead for quite a long time.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. get most of my attention these days.  But, now I have some free time on my hands so I figure maybe a little comeback is in order.  Tonight my buddy Rich suggested we spend a snowy, cold night having dinner at the nearby Red Robin.  Since I haven’t stepped in the doors in over 6 and a half years, I said why not, and was not disappointed.  At first the service was really slow, seemed like they forgot about us.  But it turned out the server didn’t know he’d been assigned our table.  Once he figured it out service was outstanding. Our order was moved to the top of the queue and we got a nice basket of fries to snack on.  I ordered the Black and Bleu burger, and though it was a mess to eat it was tasty, though maybe just a bit strong on the Bleu part.  It will probably less than six years before I go back again.