May 09, 2018 at 09:30PM

Earlier I posted that we moved the boy out of the dorm into a temporary apartment. While school is out for the summer, sadly he won’t be coming home for a summer break. He has decided to stay in Golden and do his field study requirements over the summer. This 6 week course is normally taken between the sophomore and junior year, but he was allowed in a year early so we were excited when he got in. However, we just found out today that he has been “hired” as an undergraduate intern at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden (usually this is for incoming Seniors)! Now, his field session will be only 2 weeks classroom and the he’ll finish the course while getting actual paid hands on experience. So, he’ll be staying with friends for about 3 weeks and then we’ll go back to help him move into an actual apartment (next door to Coors brewery, so my weekends might be full for awhile 😀). Again, we couldn’t be prouder! We’ll miss him, but greatful for all these wonderful opportunities that he keeps getting. via Facebook

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